26 12, 2020

Importance Of Arduino in Robotics: What is the Scope of Robotics in Education?

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Mankind is evolving rapidly with the pace of time. With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence(AI), most jobs we have today are going to be replaced by robots and programming. Hence, we must make our kids future-ready. Robotics is the latest subject for Z generation students that fosters the mental capacity of students. Parents must enrol [...]

28 12, 2019

Computer Vision Is Revolutionizing The Future Of Industrial Robots

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In the coming decade, the robotics industry is expected to grow by 175%. This is why, today, the competition and innovation in industrial robotics are on the rise while the cost of owning robots is going down. From assembling automobiles to building complex smartphone devices, robots are being employed in several industrial fields to perform [...]

15 11, 2019

The Role Of AI in The Evolution Of Industrial Robotics

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Robotics and software Engineers around the world are striving to improve the learning capabilities of industrial robots. This comes after all manufacturing, and service-based companies started introducing automation-induced streamlining of their workflow to reduce production and export time. Industrial robots today are being taught via machine learning algorithms to perform monotonous chores such as welding, [...]

23 09, 2019

Robots Watch & Learn From Reality- A Revolutionary Awareness Training For Service Bots

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Robots and machine learning is an age-old relationship which has rapidly evolved to make the bots learn faster and make prompt decisions. However, the learning process was always limited within a simulation where the engineers could assess if a robot can utilize the learned information appropriately. Engineers then realized that no matter how detailed the [...]

12 08, 2019

Understanding Agribots And Analysing The Futuristic Jobs In Agriculture

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Being a country that is blessed with the most fertile regions in the world and ample supply of water, it is only natural that India’s agro-industry accounts for about 18% of our GDP while employing almost 50% of our total workforce. However, on the other hand, being the second largest in terms of the population [...]