As the digital world is melding more into the physical world, It has become imperative for parents to introduce their children to all the new and upcoming technologies. When children enter the coding world, they come across various familiar yet strange aspects of the online world. It is because children are more used to consuming than producing. Using smartphones, laptops, and play stations mean they are consuming technology. When they start learning to code, they become familiar with how these technologies are designed and used. One such exciting and a fun online program is Scratch.

What is Scratch?

Scratch is a free block-based programming language designed for children above age 5 to learn and create artistic collaboration and share with the world. By introducing this program, you can help children gain much-needed knowledge of computational thinking, digital fluency, and robotics. It is an intuitive drag-and-drop interface with blocks of instructions to choose from and create customized programming. 

Why choose Scratch Program for Children?

If you plan to make your children learn Scratch programming online, get in touch with India First Robotics. We offer online programming and courses to sharpen young minds and prepare them for the future in a fun learning way. 

Young minds are curious for knowledge. Therefore, introducing technology to them at a young age is a wise decision. Many parents and children have shown great interest in Scratch programming because:

It’s fun!

The Scratch program can immediately demonstrate the coding in real-time within the same interface. There are many adorable and endearing sprites to give an exposure to the kid’s imagination. From laughing to singing and dancing, the possibilities are endless.

It’s Easy

The coding comes with a drag and drops feature according to the child’s imagination. There are color-coding available to associate with the blocks and match with its computing concepts. At India First Robotics, we ensure the children have a fun experience learning this online program before turning into a coding enthusiast.

It has robust features.

Scratch programming language is associated with many rich and engaging features that feature full-syntax languages like Python and JavaScript. Scratch 3.0 is designed with a combination of HTML and JavaScript to create an outstanding program for the budding artist and aspiring game designer.

If you want more insight on Scratch programming for kids, connect with us today and get the best guidance from experts.