Mankind is evolving rapidly with the pace of time. With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence(AI), most jobs we have today are going to be replaced by robots and programming. Hence, we must make our kids future-ready. Robotics is the latest subject for Z generation students that fosters the mental capacity of students. Parents must enrol their kids to robotics and automation online course that provides one on one education, from the comfort of your home.

Robotics is a vast subject. We need to make a deliberate attempt to understand the core basics of robotics. Like brain controls us; similarly, Arduino is also a small component that controls robots. Let’s discuss some important aspects of the Arduino board and its application in robotics.

What is Arduino?

Arduino is a micro-control board of a robot. It is better known as the brain of the robot.  The microcontroller can be programmed to control the coordination of various electronic parts such as button, switches, lights etc.

How children relate to Arduino?

Arduino is very appealing to kids. It can be simply plugged in the computer and programmed with easy commands. Later, when Arduino is placed in a circuit, it will manipulate the functioning of the device. Children feel intrigued to know that so many devices around them are Arduino and hence, want to learn the science behind their functioning.  Looking at the demand for learning Arduino, many institutes have started Arduino classes in Pune.

What is the Scope of Robotics in education?

Though it is very common to buy a robot toy or anything that works on automation, still introducing robotics as a subject was a bizarre topic for many many years.  We want our kids to be future-ready, and robotics is the answer to our call. Your child does not need to be a genius in maths; just little interest and patience to understand the subject will do the job. Some of the ways it contributes to a child’s development are as:

  1. It implants a question in the child’s mind to know how something is working.
  2. It emphasises the involvement of Arduino in many things around.
  3. It encourages STEM-based learning in kids.
  4. It fosters creativity, analysis and problem-solving skills in students.
  5. It builds concepts that can help children to develop apps on their own.

Some renowned  Arduino projects

Some known projects that use Arduino boards include land rovers, complex robots, speaking toys, automated plant or dog feeder.

Parents seeing their wards happy learning robotics are thrilled themselves and hence are recommending robotics to others as well. Though it is newly introduced in the education industry, it is receiving a delighted response. IndiaFirst Robotics offers specially designed robotics and automation online courses for students of 6-18 years of age. We advise you to take a chance and enrol your kid with us to provide them with the joy of learning robotics.