Dobot Robots

Dobot Magacian

Dobot M1

DOBOT M1 is a cost-effective intelligent robotic arm for light industry.

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Dobot Magacian

Mooz 2Z

DOBOT MOOZ, the industrial grade transformable metallic 3D printer…

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Dobot Magacian

Dobot Magician

DOBOT Magician is a multi functional desktop robotic arm for practical training education.

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Dobot Magacian

Dobot Mooz (FULL) CNC, Laser and 3D Printing

DOBOT MOOZ, the industrial grade transformable metallic 3D printer, which takes…

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Dobot Magacian

Mooz 3Z

Has been awarded the 2018 Red Dot Design Award and if, Design Award, no wonder it…

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Dobot Magacian

Dobot Magician Basic

DOBOT Magician is a multifunctional desktop robotic arm for practical training education.

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Educational and Service Robots

NAO Robot

AMY Robot

Amy Multifunctional professional restaurant service robot. Pangolin robot designed for providing friendly and effective …

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Pepper Robot


Alice Multifunctional professional service robot. Pangolin robot designed for providing friendly and effective…

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Educational Robots

Several students are aspiring to learn from robots due to its ability to teach the same thing again and again without getting bored, a phenomena not found in human. Besides, a robot can be stacked with a lot of learning information synced with videos and animations which can be shown to the student on the screen of the robot.

Interactivity in learning along with a robot makes it more interesting and fascinating for the student which in turns helps learning quite a lot.

Robotics is not future anymore. It has become a reality already in several developed countries. India, too is catching up this phenomena and adjusting itself with their counterparts from the other side of the world.

Come and enjoy the robotics and get their complexity simplified with IndiaFIRST® Robotics!!!

Service Robots

Manpower cost is increasing and it difficult to find the labour class persons at cheaper rate and more over retaining them has become a problem for various industry’s like Hospitality, Hospitals and Healthcare, Banking, Telecommunications, Restaurants, etc.

Repetitive work where precision is required with faster deliveries and accurate outcome, Robots are being used. Several offices, hospitals, hotels and Banks have opted for using Robots in their reception and serving areas where the interaction is of the similar nature and skilled manpower is not required.

Deploying a robot is a one time cost for such institutions which saves a lot of recurring money and also brings in a WOW factor for the visitors or patrons.

Besides, the institution experiences a talk of the town phenomena and this results in increased business for them. Its a good idea to deploy a robot in the areas of non critical and non decision making activity is happening continuously.

For example, Robots can replace a waiter, whose job is only to deliver the food ordered by the restaurant patrons. Bringing a robot to do the job also increases visibility of technological intervention and it becomes an attraction for the kids.

Industrial Robots

Several Industrial robots are available as per the application for the customers or industry. We can customise the solutions by using readymade robots or even create our customised robotics solution.

Numerous Industrial Robotics application can be made for customised projects:

  • Pick n Place Robot
  • Stacking and Sorting Robot
  • Welding Robot
  • Research and Development Robot
  • Conveyor Mountable Industrial Setup
  • Sewage Cleaner Robot
  • Hazardous Site Approchable Robot
  • Surveillance Robot

…and many more.

Entertainment Robots

Education and entertainment goes hand in hand for several robotics application where the robot is serving a student or a child for providing information for teaching them in the subject as desired along with the videos and animation as well as at the same time the robot can double up as an entertainer to tell them a joke or show them a movie on their screen or even sing for them their favorite song.

With the families becoming nucleus with limited access to the outside playgrounds or play groups due to busy schedule, Edutainment Robots have become a necessity. The all friendly Nanny, even if she is around most of the time, is not capable of providing the education or entertainment required by children for their overall development. This is where the edutainment robot comes in to rescue the child and give them a superior experience which they will cherish for rest of their lives.

Fighting Robots

Fighting robots have always been fascinating for children and grown ups. To create a frighting robot it takes a lot of knowledge interns of mechanical movement and technological developments. One requires to have knowledge of servo motors, colour coding, programming, image processing etc.

Its a complete package when it comes to fighting robots. So come, lets have fun and fight with robots or let the robots fight with each other and we humans will have great fun!

Medical Robots

With the inventions of robotics, medical field too is very much in the race ahead for introducing robots for making surgery. Today we have robots performing eye surgery, neuro surgery as well as abdominal surgeries. Robots are mainly used for performing precise and accurate surgeries with excellent results compare to the conventional way of surgery.

Currently robotics surgeries are very costly due to the highly precise machines and cost of the technology as well as manpower. However, in the near future it is likely to come down soon. Medical robot business is on the boom currently with several hospitals pledging their funds for the same.

Airborne Robots

Airborne Robots are nothing but Flying robots or unmanned aerial vehicles are already in use for a variety of assignments, such as police surveillance, perimeter observation, spraying crops, spotting forest fires before they get out of control, locating lost children, and by hobbyists. Flying robots with cameras allow law enforcement to assess dangerous situations before intervening or engineers to check on bridges and dams where human observation would be impractical. They might even be used to deliver pizzas.

Agriculture use-Sensors and digital imaging capabilities can give farmers a richer picture of their fields. Military use of airborne- To Target and decoy,Reconnaissance, Combat to providing attack capability for high-risk missions, Logistics. Research and development – improve UAV technologies. Civil and commercial UAVs – agriculture, aerial photography, data collection.

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