Robotics Park

We are currently building India’s first ever Robot Museum for a State Government in consortium with ESI, an Engineering Company from South India. The Robots which are in the making are a marvel of its kind. One can witness a variety of sophisticated robots under one roof.

With our unmatched expertise in manufacturing variety of robots, we are now developing Robot Theme Park with animatronics and robotics which will provide an unforgettable experience to the visitor.

Our unmatched Robots include:

  1. Unique Robot Sculptures
  2. Robot Chef
  3. Robot Waiter
  4. Badminton Playing Robots
  5. Fighter Robots
  6. Dancing Robots
  7. Piano Playing Robots
  8. Drum Playing Robots
  9. Educational Robots
  10. Augmented Reality
  11. Virtual Reality
for more information call us on – 9028766888