The concept of robots or robotics is not new. However, over the last couple of decades, due to the development and advancements made in technology, robotics has gradually transformed into an interesting stream. Robotics has gained a significant amount of momentum as it has emerged as an interesting career option for kids and the youth in the country. There is a wide range of robots kids can build or develop based on their interests, requirements, and applications. Robotics for beginners may seem daunting at first but with time, it certainly has a lasting impact.

One of the best things about robotics is that there is a lot to learn and the process never stops. In addition, it also enhances your child’s capability to understand the different concepts of STEM. Robotics for kids in Pune is growing and the popularity has not gone unnoticed. It is also one of the most refined ways to get hands-on experience and learn new concepts that may not be in the textbook. As one of the best robotics training institutes in Pune, India First Robotics aims at teaching young children and teenagers the various concepts of robotics in the most efficient and fun-loving manner.

Let’s understand what are the various things children can learn from a well-curated robotics workshop or a program.

1. Problem-solving skills are enhanced

As robotics is a web full of new and fresh components, children are often inquisitive about it. Why, what, how, etc are questions that are constantly on the minds which eventually shape the problem-solving skills of children. In addition, they are likely to face different hurdles and barriers while developing their robot which will compel them to think out of the box to solve and overcome these challenges. Hence, robotics is a good way to improve your child’s problem-solving skills and also ensure their mind is constantly willing to learn more. Using their creativity, skill, and knowledge regarding robotics, children can develop a robot of their choice and liking.

2. Programming skills can be improved

Advanced level of robotics does involve programming and a robotics workshop will significantly improve the programming skills of your child. As your child starts to learn the basics of robotics and robot building, the next step is towards building advanced robots that may be slightly complicated. In addition, as your child grows, their attention span is likely to grow as well which helps them get a better idea about the programs or codes they are running.

3. Math and science concepts

An efficient and well-designed robotics program will urge students to think out of the box and also push them to improve their math and science concepts. Working with robots will also direct students to explore the different scientific theories in like never before. The different elements of science including, tension, force, electricity, etc can be learnt in a much efficient manner through the robotics program. Moreover, as mentioned before, it is an excellent way to improve your child’s STEM skills.

India First Robotics also has been actively organizing robotics summer camp in Pune to encourage children to learn more about robotics. In addition, we also aim to enlighten the younger generation about the prospects of robotics as a career. Our summer camp for robotics generated a huge interest and response as several kids took part. Contact us to know more!