Robotics has rapidly gained popularity in a wide variety of learning environments, and it will continue to boom as the market shows no signs of slowing down. Even studies have proved that the integration of robotics will help in building confidence and encouraging a positive attitude towards education in students. This, in turn, aids in bolstering classrooms with cross-curricular activities. 

People advocating for STEM are looking for versatile ways to integrate robotics classes in schools at the earliest classes. Experts said that “Robotics will play a major role in the future, so it is important we prepare the current generation of students for this.” With that being said, it is evident that robotics is an imperative field of the future which will assist the students in developing advanced skills in the 21st century. 

Howe and Howe Technologies, a robotic solutions company, articulate “Learning environments should therefore be agile, student-centered, have appropriative and adaptive levels of challenge and, value independence,” in order to impart the type of 21st-century skills necessary for success in the future. Robotics is a logical and effective way to foster higher scientific reasoning, critical thinking, and other important skills in the classroom. By using problem-solving to understand coding, students also get to learn fundamental lessons about trial and error that develop their methods to solve a question/problem. All the skills that robotics helps to instill in students prepare them for STEM-based careers, as they are also growing faster than any other field today (Stem Connector).

STEM careers are some of the money-spinning professions on the market, and their potential for growth is just limitless. With such great opportunities in STEM careers, it is necessary to inspire the youth to pursue these market jobs (Tribotix). The solution is to include STEM education early on, such as robotics. Additionally, students that express an interest in STEM in 8th grade are much more likely to pursue a STEM career, than simply having high test scores in math and science areas. Therefore, the incorporation of robotics in learning environments has proven itself to be necessary to fill these STEM careers!

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