Today, coding has become an integral part of our education system. The IT classes which were reserved for senior high school students only a few years back have been opened up to young kids in junior high. And to add to the trend, many education institutes started teaching coding, and especially, python programming in Pune. 

Many IT experts suggested that not every programming language is suitable for a kid’s level of comprehension or even necessary for that age. And most of them recommend python programming language as ideal for helping kids understand what coding is like. Additionally, our programming professionals at IFR have offered these four essential reasons why your kids must first learn python programming online before any other language:

The Universal Acceptance of Python:

To intrigue the fickle minds of kids, you need a language that’s quick to pick up, interactive in writing, and fast to offer rewarding results. Python prevails in all these criteria as all its commands are English phrases, and it has real-time help comments. It also requires relatively less code to achieve results. 

It doesn’t end there. Python is the most widely available, and hence, preferred programming language in the world today. It is easier, even for a kid to install and run on any basic computer. Several online platforms have automated interactive courses where kids can learn python programming online with a plethora of resources, Q&As, and quick tips.

Boost Problem-Solving Skills At Young Age:

Coding, in its essence, is no different than solving math problems. One has to use the set rules and steps to reach an optimal solution to any given problem. And with the layperson syntax of python, kids find it easier to understand a problem in terms of programming and formulate a series of commands to create a fitting output for that problem.

The key to keeping kids interested in complex problems is making the tools easier to understand and apply, which python does impeccably. This problem-solving approach will indeed reflect in their other curriculums and personal life as they grow.

Encourage Logical Thinking And Troubleshooting:

Logical thinking isn’t merely about looking for the right answers; it is more about making the logical choices to reach the best-suited solution.

Kids who don’t engage in cognitive activities that force them to think usually develop logical skills at a much later age. But kids who build curiosity at a young age tend to ask logical questions quite early in their life.

With the intriguing and straightforward structure of python, coding can be an invaluable tool to build your kid’s logical cognitive abilities that can help them troubleshoot all academic problems with a rational approach.

Promoting Creative Thinking and Innovative Ideas:

Once a kid learns how to use crayon colours, there is no limit to what they can draw. It’s the same with coding. Once your kid understands the nuances of coding and the ability of each command, they can literally build their own working apps from scratch. 

This creative thinking can easily lead to a rewarding career or business opportunity even before their out of school. There have been many such cases of kids who developed unique apps that were rewarded by corporate giants around the world.


IFR has always been a leading technology educator for young kids to ensure that our next generation is more than prepared to face the modern IT-driven world. Our online and classroom courses for python programming in Pune have received an overwhelming response from parents around the city. Which is why we also created our unique interactive courses where kids can learn python programming online under our professional guidance. 

To help you kid to be one of them, visit the IFR website and opt for our online python course for kids today.