Coding is not just crucial for your children’s career but also improves their logical and creative thinking skills. If your children spend more time on mobile phones and laptops, it’s time to put their interests in a productive direction.  In this blog, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Scratch programming, but before that:

What is Scratch Programming?

As the name suggests, Scratch is a visual programming language created by the MIT Media Lab in 2007. It has a drag and drop interface with colorful blocks, making it one of today’s most intuitive programming languages. The program is designed in a manner that young kids can build interactive games by connecting the code blocks together. India First Robotics offers a giant platform for children to learn scratch programming online

As a parent, if you are still wondering whether to enroll your kids in scratch programming, then here are a few advantages and disadvantages of Scratch.


  • Scratch helps young minds integrate creativity in storytelling, games, and animation. 
  • Kids can collaborate on their projects and publish them online.
  • Students get introduced to 21st-century technology and skills.
  • Students can create and share resources via Scratch.
  • It is a free program, which means it can be used for personal academic use.


  • Any individual can use the project created by you, which is called a remix.
  • Teachers cannot monitor what students are creating on the Scratch platform until the final project.
  • Students under 13 need to use their parent’s email address to create the project account. Many parents don’t own an email address, which could be a barrier to learning Scratch programming.

Scratch Programming

At first, Scratch doesn’t seem like a programming language, but it is definitely one of them. Also, Scratch has been ranked as the 19th most popular computer programming language in the entire world! However, it does differ significantly from other programming languages. 

Most of the coding languages are “text-based,” which means the codes are written manually using your keyboard. Scratch coding is a block-based, visual programming language in which the commands take the form of colorful blocks. Young minds can snap the blocks to create a program. Just by clicking the green flag button in the Scratch interface, students can run their program. 

To learn structured Scratch programming for kids, India First Robotics offers project-based Scratch courses for children under 8-11 years old. To learn more about our terms and curriculum, get in touch with our experts, and we can help you create more career opportunities for your children.