One straight answer to this is “yes”. As students have a tough time deciding their career field, robotics learning is one way to give them exposure to the tech-savvy world. The robotics summer camp in Pune will not just keep your children entertained and productive but also create a platform to recognize their future interests.

Why India First Robotics?

Robotics competitions are a great way to keep students engaged and provide valuable learning outside classroom knowledge. Robotics for kids in Pune offers the platform for students to set up their professional success without missing out on the fun part. Our robotic experts believe it to be a sport of mind in which every kid should be pro.

In many of our students we have encountered the talent of problem-solving, good communication skills, and conflict resolution at a very tender age, all credit goes to the competitive environment we have established here that provoke students on brainstorming ideas and get through the challenges.

Why Choose Robotics?

There are many positive reasons why robotics should be the one field your child must consider. We have collaborated some of the major benefits of choosing robotics for your child curricular activities:

  1. Robotics will enhance their creativity: As the students learn to design, solve, and programme their robotic model in a constrained time to meet the deadline of competition, they brainstorm for ideas and thus learn to be more creative.
  2. Robotics will help them master teamwork and collaboration: Learning the true meaning of collaboration will help your child deal with future problems and tasks. Robotics offers them the opportunity to work as a team and handle responsibilities of engineering, programming, raising funds, and marketing. Like any gaming sports, players of robotics work as a team to meet their goals.
  3. Robotics Develop good communication skills in students: Throughout their summer camp and learning tenure, students meet a diverse range of people such as computer scientists, engineers, marketers, and many companies with a strong market foothold. Working around such role models will encourage students to enroll with them and sharpen up their communication skills.
  4. Robotics lay foundation for aspiring career: With the world going towards automation, the field of robotics is here to stay for a very very long period. Learning robotics will create good chances of college internships for students and may be potential job opportunities too. Most importantly, robotics inspires the love for lifetime learning in this ever-changing work culture.  Connect with India’s First Robotics and give your child all-round development skills for a better tomorrow. If you are still thinking whether or not to admit your child in the field of robotics then talk to our expert consultants because it’s never too late for a new start. With OUR high-quality education, competitive opportunities, and expert mentorship, any student can find his/her way through robotics.