The advanced robotics behind your Smartphone, Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant might be new but Robotics has been around for decades now. It is not a new concept. With technical advancements and the world moving towards automation, robotics has become an interesting stream for children. Many of the countries worldwide have already announced their plans on making robotics learning compulsory in the school’s curriculum. So, you must be eager to know why robotics summer camp in Pune holds such importance.

The truth is, “Robotics learning is crucial for innovation, which is constant”. There is considerable anecdotal evidence of students interested more in subjects that include robotics and programming in it. Robotics learning provides them the platform for do-it-yourself activities and this makes the field more engaging and exciting for them.

Now, being parents and teachers, you are aware of the fact that children must enroll in robotics learning but, do you know why? Let us have a look:

1)Preparedness: With automatic advancements such as PA system, automatic cars, artificial intelligence, and spacecraft, the future generation has to be more prepared for the ever-changing world and technology like never before.

2)Innovative Thinking:  Students love doing things in which they are given freedom and full control, something that robotics for kids in Pune offers. From engineering the robot to programming and running it successfully, the subject push their boundaries of innovative thinking.

3)Programming Skills: Your child might not be into technical but, having knowledge of how the devices and software works can make them figure out their future interests on an early basis. Moreover, as artificial intelligence is everywhere in the house, office, schools, and public places, little knowledge of programming can help everyone understand how the bots actually work.

4)Strong Determination: Programming is not an easy task. There are minute details one has to remember to get their robots in function. These challenging phases will boost your child’s determination of power as they strive hard to accomplish the task. A never-give-up attitude is a key to success.

5)Because it’s fun: Things that are learned with interest are never forgotten. If your kids love robots and technology then you should make a wise decision and induce the knowledge of robotics at their early stage. A small micro bit project is a good way to start with.

As final words, we would suggest you enroll your child into robotics summer camp if you are determined to grow them with solid knowledge of robotics and programming. Robotics is the perfect machine your child can use to figure out their interests in schools, college internships, and job eventually.